MD/PhD/JD Combined

“Hello fellow pre-medical students. Let me introduce myself…I am currently a junior pre-medical student at Harvard University. Thus far I have maintained a stellar academic record of a 4.0 grade point average with a triple major in Quantum Mechanics, Biophysics, and Neuroanatomy. In addition, I have helped with the publication of several major articles in the advanced field of Neuroanatophysiopathology in collaboration with Harvard Medical School. I also have an outstanding MCAT score that I believe makes me a superior application. I received a 45T when I took the exam in May of this year.

“Therefore, here is my question. In today’s demanding medical market, I feel that a simple MD is inadequate for a fully-trained medical professional. I feel with the advances in research that are continually coming out, at least an MD/PhD degree should be obtained. However, I still feel this would be an inferior education to someone such as myself. I am adamant that a JD would fully complement the MD/PhD education so the fully-trained medical professional could be competitive in the field of medical law and in order to better protect his or her assets in case there ever arises any type of litigation.

“Consequently, I am looking for advice from similarly superior applications such as myself. Please, only people with a 4.0 GPA from a superior Ivy League institution and at least a 41 MCAT score. Advice from anyone else would be advice from an inferior applicant and therefore futile.

“So, superior applicants: What is the best way to obtain a combined MD/PhD/JD degree?

“Thank you. And please, no trolls, this is a serious question.”



Student Doctor Network: MD/PhD/JD Combined

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